I write stories. And I like to make pictures – paint, take photos and play with them, draw. All the pictures you find on this blog are mine, and free for you to use, both for commercial and private purposes, although I would appreciate it if you credit me if you do use them, and with commercial I mean something like using a photo or a drawing for a book cover, using them as a starting point for your own art or as illustrations in a story, not selling unaltered copies. Just don’t try to pass anything you take from here as yours – I don’t mind if I’m not credited, I will mind if you put up something somewhere, unaltered, and claim it’s yours. And of course you better show respect to my models if you use these pictures, they are my friends and have posed as a favor, not for money.


And it would be nice if you let me know if you use anything you found here.

Right now you can buy my stories from Amazon as Kindle ebooks. I’ll update the information here once I start getting them up on other platforms. Right now there are five short stories and one novel, The Demons of Khemas. I can probably add at least one more novel this summer, and hopefully some new short stories.

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