character sketches

6 Nov

These faces are a bit older work. As I have said, I haven’t kept much, these I found between the pages of a book. I have tendency to draw pictures of my characters. The two of a woman with long hair in a bun are supposed to be the same individual, and her two brothers. There is also a younger sister, but her picture I didn’t find. I haven’t written their story yet. Maybe because these are probably my oldest characters, I have had them since I was a teenager, their story has turned out to be very hard to get right – with the newer stories the characters can change a bit if the story seems to demand it, but these guys are very stubborn. And persistent. I really do have to write them some day, I think that may be the only way to get them to stop bugging me.

The mountain view sketch is new. I might turn it into a painting, not sure yet.

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