drawing a sword and a few others

11 Nov

The three old photos: the woman is my mother, during the late 50’s, a few years before I was born – she was nearly 40 when that happened, my parents married rather later in their life for those times – the man my maternal grandfather who died when she was just a little girl. The cross drawn in the picture means that it was used in his memorial service. My mother died when I was in my mid-20’s.

Some Finns have sort of slightly Asian features, one reason why my people were classified as ‘Mongolians’ by some researchers back when racial classifications were the fashionable thing in the emerging study of human genetics.  Genetically we seem to have some slight infusion of Asian genes, one of the male lines was found to have some markers originating from what is now Vietnam, and having migrated this way through Siberia, if I remember right, but mostly we seem to be common European stock. Unfortunately for my mother she had those Asian looks back in the time when not looking purely European was not the best possible thing to be – she was a child and a teen during the 20’s and 30’s. She once told me that she did get some trouble for it, she was called ‘The Chinese’ as a kid and sometimes bullied a bit.

Okay, I think it will be drawings in my next post. Maybe one of drawing a sword. Yes, I know, lousy pun… 🙂

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