Skull, swans and cloak

15 Nov

Photos again.


Two swans seem to have chosen the place as a permanent summer home, there have been one pair there for years. I suppose it’s the same pair, swans supposedly tend to come back to the same place where they nested the previous year. There are two different species nesting in Finland, the mute swan and the whooper swan, whooper swans being the original and the Finnish national bird, mute swans have been brought here by humans later as living decorations for parks and gardens, but they have been nesting here in the wild since the 1930’s. I have no idea which species those two are, I have never gotten close enough to see much more than two white blobs with long necks, which is not enough, not for me anyway, for identifying species.

One Response to “Skull, swans and cloak”

  1. Sailor Barsoom December 8, 2012 at 17:47 #

    If they make a whooping noise, you’ll know. 😉

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