Photos of two paintings

19 Dec

Lousy ones, the camera I used is on its last legs. I really do hope scanning will produce better quality copies. Only that has to wait a few weeks, these are still wet, and just a liittle bit unfinished – there is an unpainted spot in right lower corner of the elf picture (the yellow/black/grey one – the colors are off, too, although the clouds are supposed to be sort of yellow, there is a city just below the horizon and they are reflecting the light from it – yes, these are both based on my stories. I might be able to fix some of that color problem with one of the editing programs, but I don’t think I will try before I see what I’ll get with the scanner) since I painted it while holding it in my hand (these are both small, about A4 sized) and I may add a lace shirt for the vampire. Maybe.

I will put up some drawings tomorrow or the day after, I have some ready, I just wanted to see what kind of result would taking a photo of an oil painting produce. Yep, not good, at least not with that camera and under the circumstances I did it. Might work a bit better if I tried to do that using daylight, or the daylight lamp.

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