Free promotion days for the novel

15 May

Next weekend, 18. and 19. May. Probably with the current cover. 😦


I’m working on editing one other fantasy novel, one which I wrote several years ago, and right now it seems I can probably publish that around the middle of June, again on the Kindle Direct Program. I will probably use the other three free promotion days for The Demons then, and also all of the five days for that novel at the same time. I’ll post that information when I have done enough editing to know for sure what schedule I can keep, and I’ll also post some chapters of that novel on the blog next month.


(And just in case somebody who doesn’t know what I’m talking about wanders here: Free promotion means the ebook will be available for free from Amazon on those dates. :))


Both of these novels are first in a series, it will take a few more books to tell the whole story, but I have done my best to write them so that they also work as stand-alones – the main plot of the story does get an ending, but not all the mysteries mentioned are given an explanation yet.

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