Covers, covers, covers

28 Sep

Just a few comments this time, but considering what I’m seeing with my current free download I wanted to bring this up.

I have two of the short stories free on Amazon, until Monday, and the way they have been downloaded is, once again, reinforcing the idea that covers can matter quite a bit when it comes to what people go after.

So, short stories usually seem to be much less popular than novels. And when it comes to shorts the longer ones are usually more popular than the shorter ones. The stories I have for free now are ‘Raven’s Night’ and ‘After the Night Descends’. The first one is an estimated 9 pages (well, I’d say six, but Amazon says 9, so lets go by their estimation) while the second is about 22 pages long. Both have only one review, at least one vampire fan seems to have liked them, but the longer one has a five star one while the shorter one has four stars.

And the covers (and these are also links, and I still have no damn idea how to put these up as a little bit smaller images):

So, neither one has been downloaded much, but ‘After the Night Descends’ has one third fewer of them than ‘Raven’ has. The only thing that can contribute to that is the cover. And ‘Raven’s Night’ is not even that great a cover, but it is prettier than the muddle I have on the other story.

I really, really have to make better covers for the two novels, and for the shorts which still have the old photo covers. That is the initial attention grabber. Well, there would be better ones,  like a recommendation from a friend or a review on something like a blog the potential reader follows, likes and trusts, but without those the only way to get that reader who is just casually browsing is to entice him to take a closer look, and the best tool for that is an eye catching, professional looking and eye pleasing cover. Only if that works can the blurb, and the sample, work, but no matter how great those are if the potential reader never reads them in the first place they are still useless. You got to get him to take that closer look.

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