And a potential cover painting

17 Nov

EPSON scanner image






Space. Okay, I think I can paint decent space images. Men or spaceships not that well, so I think I’ll go with this at least at first. I’d like to have some sort of guy action picture, Rahan with a gun or something, but haven’t managed a decent one yet. A friend of mine drew a great picture of Rahan and Ryn, and would have been willing to paint it as a cover, but it doesn’t quite fit the genre, it looked more like something for a romance novel. From what I have read branding can be pretty important with these. This is pretty generic, but should say ‘science fiction’, at least.


Now that this novel is done, and it will be at least two to three months before I can really get into the next one – had problems with this one, towards the end, but I hope the editing is at least decent – I will try to update the blog more often. And since my hands seems to be cooperating at least right now, and I need practice anyway, one thing I will try to do is to start posting both drawings and paintings again. Maybe one or two days a week with a drawing or two, at least one painting a week. I will be practicing those spaceships and men doing actiony stuff, for one thing. Plus maybe some very traditional still lives, landscapes and flowers too. As said I need the practice, damn it, I might become fairly good if I practice enough. 🙂

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