4 Dec

Yep, the painting turned out to be more difficult to make than I had thought it would be. I have painted objects or shapes in the mist, both daytime and night time mist or fog, a couple of times before, but I used oils then. Now I tried to do it with acrylics, for the first time, and acrylics do require a somewhat different approach. So two failed attempts, and then one tolerable. I will use this as a cover, for now anyway, at least it’s better than the rather horrible photograph I have on the second vampire story right now. Can always change later.

I would prefer to use oils, I like them better and since I have used them a lot more I paint better with them, but one problem is that that oil paintings don’t scan well, not on the cheap multipurpose piece of… well, it works, anyway. Photographing an oil painting might work, only my current camera is even worse than the scanner, so until I manage to buy a better one it is going to be scanning. And with acrylics on paper I can get a decent, if not actually good copy online. If I knew how to use the graphics editing programs I have better I could presumably do something to make them look better, but while I have improved slightly I’m still far from proficient.

So, here we have a vampire on a misty (or foggy, but misty sounds more romantic) graveyard.

EPSON scanner image

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