And of course I’m lots of late…

23 Aug

California coast

California coast

California coast

California coast

California coast

So guess what I did on my summer vacation.  🙂 There are over a thousand photos, but of course I will not put them all here. Next days, lots of generic landscapes, most of them from desert areas. I was mostly taking photos while thinking in terms of “reference photos for painting” so most of them are something that might go for the background of something. But perhaps somebody can use them for something else too. Feel free (since I would not be able to stop you anyway I figured I might as well give permission, but that permission is only for non-commercial uses – maybe I can’t do much if you start selling them, but I will definitely try if I find out. And as to the non-commercial uses I would of course very much appreciate a mention of whose photos they are. Maybe even a link or something…). Some are decent, some more or less out of focus, it was a new camera for me and automatic settings or not I managed to get some of those like that bad shot of Golden Gate. Not a good photo, somewhat usable as a reference one, I like the clouds and the colors.

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