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Oh yes

17 Jan

the two paintings I’m working on seem to be coming out just fine. Acrylics, on paper. Since that dries a lot faster than oils I think I can show at least one of them, maybe not in a couple of days but at least sometimes by the end of next week.

And a few more

25 Dec

These three I’m not quite that happy with. I also have several nudes I do like, but since I haven’t actually tried to find out what WordPress thinks about putting something like drawings of nude people up I’m not going to use them, not right now anyway.

Ah, Christmas. It’s noon Christmas Day where I live, and this year I did not go to visit anybody, I’ll do that on New Year, so since I live alone I’m mostly fiddling my thumbs here. I don’t watch television, I haven’t rented any movies and am not in the mood to do that, I have read for several hours already and I’m getting a bit bored now, to tell the truth. Maybe I’ll start cleaning some of my closets, I should do that anyway. Generally I’m not all that social so living by myself usually suits me just fine, main problem can be these big holidays when I don’t feel like I could, or should, start doing anything major, especially nothing which might disturb the neighbors like rearranging my furniture or building something which requires the use of something noisy like a drill – I moved to my present apartment nearly four years ago, problem being I moved from a slightly bigger place, and trying to get rid of the excess stuff which doesn’t quite fit anymore is still a work in progress. And that has included periodic rearrangement sprees.

Yep, I know, should have done it before and during the move. Problem being, the furniture (and a lot of the small stuff I have too, like my dishes) I have is mostly inherited, old rustic pieces which have been in my family for either over or very close to a century, and I have been having a really hard time deciding what I’m willing to give up. And then there are the books. Lots of books. Same problem, I sparse them one book at a time and that is rather slow going. And half of the time I realize I would really like to reread that one I sold six years ago right now anyway, even if it was one I thought I would not miss back then… So I rearrange things, and have build a couple of somewhat unusual shelves in order to fit them in places like the wall over a big chest when I don’t want to drill too many holes on the wall (this is a rental, and the firm disapproves of that) and you can’t really find anything that would work ready made. Besides, finding bookshelves which actually go all the way to the ceiling seems to be near impossible, they all stop within reaching distance of a shortish person. And I need ones which go all the way to the ceiling, the lower ones just aren’t enough in a place as small as mine.

I like the location, and I like the rent, but I could use something a bit bigger. Oh well, maybe if I keep on getting rid of things one small piece at a time and rearranging the rest periodically, maybe there comes a point when, magically, what is left finally seems to fit here comfortably (and I have managed to forget most of the stuff I did get rid of, well enough anyway that I won’t suddenly start missing something… and if I ever move someplace bigger maybe I can find replacements which look similar enough? Oh hell, one shouldn’t get attached to mere things like that, unfortunately it can happen when we are talking about things you have been living with practically all your life, especially when there are quite a lot of nice memories connected to those things).

Pretty people

23 Dec

So I have been practicing drawing people again. Well, the guy isn’t technically ‘people’ since I gave him those wings, but since it’s Christmas and all one angel might be appropriate, I guess.

I used a very soft pencil so these are rather smudged.

Background sketch and monsters

3 Dec

Okay, these worked out a bit better. I’m trying to figure out cover paintings for a couple of vampire stories, and been sketching ugly ones – I started writing that series of stories in a moment when I had gotten tired of reading about sexy ideal boyfriend hero vampires and felt like going back to the roots a bit. Meaning the folklore versions, who weren’t usually particularly attractive, often resembling the modern movie zombies more than what we now get in vampire stories. Hence this guy who seems to have found his clothes dumpster diving and should actually look like he is starting to decay a bit, but I think I will try to do that, in the painting, by giving him a thoroughly unhealthy skin color.

And since I had been doing vampires I figured I’d try a werewolf too.

The colored rock formation is musings about what would make a nice background for another painting I’m planning, an explorer on an alien planet. I think I will go the easy way and use a desert landscape, maybe with just a hint of plant life in some cracks, and with the suited up individual standing looking at the scene with her back towards the viewer. Or not. We’ll see.

The fourth girl…

26 Nov

is a bit more late since I send her back to the wardrobe to change. The first costume wasn’t very practical for her supposed occupation.

And a bit late…

26 Nov

Three girls and one critter. Not quite sure what the critter is, I don’t think it quite fits any of the classical chimeras. And the head looks more like the prow of a viking ship… oh well, so it’s a winged critter.