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Background sketch and monsters

3 Dec

Okay, these worked out a bit better. I’m trying to figure out cover paintings for a couple of vampire stories, and been sketching ugly ones – I started writing that series of stories in a moment when I had gotten tired of reading about sexy ideal boyfriend hero vampires and felt like going back to the roots a bit. Meaning the folklore versions, who weren’t usually particularly attractive, often resembling the modern movie zombies more than what we now get in vampire stories. Hence this guy who seems to have found his clothes dumpster diving and should actually look like he is starting to decay a bit, but I think I will try to do that, in the painting, by giving him a thoroughly unhealthy skin color.

And since I had been doing vampires I figured I’d try a werewolf too.

The colored rock formation is musings about what would make a nice background for another painting I’m planning, an explorer on an alien planet. I think I will go the easy way and use a desert landscape, maybe with just a hint of plant life in some cracks, and with the suited up individual standing looking at the scene with her back towards the viewer. Or not. We’ll see.

The fourth girl…

26 Nov

is a bit more late since I send her back to the wardrobe to change. The first costume wasn’t very practical for her supposed occupation.

And a bit late…

26 Nov

Three girls and one critter. Not quite sure what the critter is, I don’t think it quite fits any of the classical chimeras. And the head looks more like the prow of a viking ship… oh well, so it’s a winged critter.