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Standing by a tree

9 Dec

And some hand positions, plus by a random wall.

Still life with some of the props

6 Dec

And some more sneaking around, we were playing with ideas for suitable images of ‘hero tries to find a way into the castle’. Those ruins are a bit boring in some ways, there isn’t much more left than doorways and straight walls, and most of the walls are rather low. It was demolished in 1528, and after that locals used what was left as a source for building stones, so perhaps it is bit of a miracle there is even that much left.

There is a still standing actual castle here too, but if I want to use the photos taken there anywhere public I need to buy a permit before shooting them. But since that permit doesn’t cost much more than the entrance fee I will do that sometime next year. In some ways that castle is kind of boring to wander in, it was bombed during the Continuation War and restored thoroughly after the war, but that means there are parts which look rather modern. I think the idea had been something like making different time periods visible – some rooms were built into looking like they used to be when that part of the castle had been built, but they thought the building should also show something of the time period when it was last touched, between 1946 and 1961. Makes sense, in a way, but means one can’t pretend it’s not a modern museum while in there, plus means that if I want photos which don’t look like something taken in a modern museum I have to either be very careful about where I point the camera or try to do some photo editing afterwards.

Well, I should learn more photo editing anyway…