More pictures

7 Oct

Well, let’s see if I still remember how I did this yesterday…

I spend nearly a couple of hours yesterday taking pictures at the ruined castle, with a friend who doesn’t mind showing her face posing with different props. I’ll probably start putting up some of those sometime next week. These older photos were mostly taken last spring, and then I had a model who does not want any pictures where she would be identifiable to put up on the web, so there will be nothing where her face shows.

Right now I have only one sword and one cloak, so it’s just going to be that same green and on spots faded cloak in every picture, and that same sword with the somewhat goofy looking brass cross guard and pommel (as far as I know it’s a model meant for show fighting – lousy balance, doesn’t look good close but shouldn’t fall apart immediately if you were to hit something, like another sword, with it) I bought cheaply from a used goods net auction. If I ever get the money I intend to buy something better. As for cloaks, I think I’ll make one or two new ones some time next spring.

I mainly mean to use these photos myself as reference when painting or drawing, but playing with them turned out to be fun, even if I don’t have a good image editing program. Maybe I should buy one, after all. Right now I have been using a couple you can download for free, but what you can do with them is rather limited. Well, it’s also likely I haven’t even learned to use them properly yet, I’m not all that great when it comes to using computers…

And talking about not being good with computers, yesterday I did find out how to put the pictures up as that gallery, where you can move from a larger version to next without going back to the thumbnails, now I haven’t been able to figure out how I did that.

Oh well, maybe next time.

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