Guess what? Pictures…

9 Oct

These are rather boring, just some trees, the sword stuck into ground and a few of the ruins without any figures in them. But who knows, they might be useful either as reference pictures or for backgrounds.

The original reason which started this project of building some sort of photo reference etc library for myself was that when I wanted to draw a person wearing a cloak I didn’t find any good reference photos of a person wearing a long full circle one on a windy day. So, since I happened to own one myself I got the idea of asking some friends if anybody would be willing to pose for me wearing it, outside, when there was at least some wind. Now presumably there are such pictures on the net somewhere, but they aren’t always so easy to find. Yes, I do know about deviantART, and a few other places too, but the problem with them seems to be that if you are looking for something specific there is just so much there, and in no clear order, and the right search terms aren’t always all that logical either. In some ways it’s easier to build your own library, at least that part you can do with the props, models and backgrounds you have access to.

And since this turned out to be something I enjoy doing, win win.

Oh yes, as you can see I figured out that gallery option again. Not said I will still remember it next time. 🙂

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