Pictures of the day

10 Oct

So, a few more cloak photos.

There was some wind, but not very much, that day. That’s why there are several in the photos of the previous days where the model is going through or standing in the same doorway, that one was the only place where we could get the cloak to move well without her moving. I do also have a few where she does the moving, but since this is the model who doesn’t want her face to be visible I’m not going to put those here, she is mostly recognizable in them.

This doorway we took several pictures in simply because it’s the most photogenic one you can find there. The castle used to belong to the Catholic bishops, and after the reformation in the 16th century it was torn down. There isn’t much left, and the castle was not particularly big to start with, so while it is rather pretty in a few places there aren’t many of those places.

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