Holding a sword

18 Oct

The couple of poses where she is just not pointing the thing at the sky are not correct. I know a bit about historical European swordplay, but since the time I last attended classes was several years ago and I never advanced past the beginner stage I didn’t really remember much at the time these photos were taken. Right now I have again started with the beginner course, so if we can do a second shoot sometime maybe I will be able to instruct Nina to pose in ways which might, maybe, make anybody who knows sword to feel at least partway happy. Or at least not make that person cry.

Nina is, by the way, left handed, and so am I. But if you want a picture of a right handed person you can always flip one of the ones where she’s holding the sword (or anything else) like a southpaw. 🙂

I’m drawing. But before I can show any of the results here I need to learn how to use the damn multi-purpose printer-scanner thing I just bought. Having some problems to get it to play nice with my computer right now.

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