31 Oct

Okay, some rather crude ones. As you can see, I do women a lot better than men – mostly due to more practice. I have taken several live model drawing classes, and every single time all the models have been women, and most of them very young women. Men I have drawn primarily from photos.

The painting is a part of an old one. I rarely keep my works, and I haven’t done much painting for nearly two decades. That one is something like 30 years old, kept mostly for nostalgic reasons, it was the first time I tried to do a space view.

Oh yes, the scanner problem turned out to be the USB cable. I have a cat who has a very doggy interest in chewing things and I found some obvious teeth marks when I finally looked at it – I had simply unplugged it from my old printer, which I hadn’t used for months, and most of the cable was hanging behind the desk so when I plugged it into the new one I didn’t look at it much – so I’m afraid this may have been one of those ‘the dog ate my homework’ excuses, except for real. Anyway, once I finally managed to get to a store and buy a new one things started to work.

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