Not so yes…

23 Jan

Okay, skin tone problems. I don’t think I have to scrap the other painting completely, but this will take a day or two more. The other one, perhaps late this evening, or tomorrow morning.

Skin tones are one thing I tend to have problems with. I can do them in oils, even if I’m rarely completely happy with them even then at least the end results can be something I’m willing to settle for instead of starting to think in terms of fires (okay, there is a wood grill on the backyard of the apartment building I live in, but yep, I know, while it’s tempting burning paintings is not environmentally friendly, according to apartment house rules anyway, toxic fumes and residue and whatever, so I haven’t, yet :D), but that’s one of the things I haven’t quite gotten yet with acrylics, unless we are talking about something like comics style, with fairly flat looking surfaces with just one even tone for all of the skin, not much of an attempt to get the illusion of three dimensions. As I have said I admire the fully photorealistic style of painting, so while I can do something kind of comics style fairly well even with acrylics I’m never happy with that. The point isn’t so much that I think less of other styles rather than the fact that since that particular thing is what I’d like to learn how to do, until and unless I get there everything else I do will fall short in my eyes. I think that if I learned how to paint photorealistically (okay, is that actually a word?) then also painting less so would be fine enough for me – becauseĀ  then it wouldn’t be for the reason I can’t do more realistic, but because right then I perhaps want to do something like that. Right now it’s because it’s what I can do, and so it falls short for me.

And I would, specifically, want to learn to do that photorealism with a paintbrush, not with a graphics program.

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