Whippet dragon

24 Jan

EPSON scanner image






Acrylics on paper.

Besides a whippet there may be at least one cockatrix in the family tree somewhere too.

Okay, of course I’m not happy with this. I ended up trying for painterly instead of comics style, and that is something I really do not do well with acrylics. Which presumably makes it something I should do a lot so I will learn. The anatomy is a bit wonky too.

On the other hand it has been a very long time since I last painted, nearly two decades – I used to paint a lot before that, although it was almost exclusively with oils – so perhaps I should take the point of view that this is not too bad for a first effort, especially in a medium I have never used much, after a long break. (Yes, I started with oils, but since I have been adding a bit here and there even on the ones which are pretty finished they are mostly still not dry enough for scanning).

I think I will be able to post the other one on Friday. If I won’t completely mess the characters’ faces and other bits where they have exposed skin. I am fairly happy with everything else in it though, at least right now.

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