The Demons of Khemas, free sample, 6. chapter

10 May

And chapter 6.

Editing has been going well, I may be able to put this for sale in a couple of days. I’ll have a post then.


14.5. Okay, as said, I’m removing a couple of these, this and the 5th chapter now that the novel is on sale. And yep, I do know they can undoubtedly be found somewhere on the net if you look for them. 🙂 I still think I may publish at least one short novel at some point here before I put it up for sale, even with the risk I may then at some point find it, or parts of it, plagiarized somewhere. That is, by the way, the one thing which does make me pissed – piracy not so much, you could look at that as advertizing as long as the pirates also have the real author’s name attached, but plagiarists, that is something I really, really don’t like (trying to stay polite here. My real feelings can not be expressed in a ladylike manner).

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