The Demons of Khemas, on Kindle

12 May

Okay, done. Hopefully well enough that the end result is readable, this is the first time I have tried to put a whole novel on the program. It should be available in a day or two at most.

Well, one can always tweak it afterwards. Have to say this is one of the aspects I love about that system. I did my best, but since I have to do all by myself – I just don’t plain have the money to use any of the editing or other services available, no matter how cheap some of them are, right now – and I’m not exactly superwoman here it’s probably inevitable there will be at least a few glitches somewhere no matter how many times I read the story through (and if not the story itself, then there is the imobi conversion…). Hopefully I’ll find them sooner rather than later (help appreciated, so if you buy the novel and find editing or any other problems with the file, please tell).

First thing I will be changing is going to be the cover. I’m still not fully recovered from the problems I have been having with my dominant hand, it’s getting better but I still have some slight problems holding it steady when I try to do any more detailed work with a brush or a pencil, so the cover I used for now is a simple photo of a stone arch, an entrance into someplace dark. I have a painting half done, hopefully I will manage the detailed stuff in the next weeks and can then change that cover, I just didn’t feel like waiting more for the cover since I’m not completely certain I will be rid of that problem, well enough, by that time.

It’s a repetitive strain injury, the reason is my work, and since I can’t quit working in order to wait for it to go away, well, the cortisone injections helped, but after that I have still been needing some physical therapy help, strengthening exercises plus trying to figure out better ergonomics at work. I have had similar problems about three times before – once the cortisone was enough, other time needed a bit more work (mostly physical therapy) and for one, carpal tunnel syndrome, I needed surgery, both wrists. I rather hope this will be like that second time, since by now it’s obvious the cortisone wasn’t quite enough. It has been getting better, but I got a couple of setbacks on mornings when there were more papers than usually. My ‘day job’ is that of a paper carrier, and right now I have two routes I do from a car – this includes taking the newspaper from my left with my left hand, transferring it to my right and then putting them into the mail boxes with my right, most without getting out of the car. The problem is with my left hand – I’m a southpaw – I have to bend it kind of backwards in order to be able to pick the newspaper from the left seat – yep, I use a company car and those cars have the driver’s side on the ‘wrong’ side – and that may be the main problem. Other part may be how much I need to turn the wheel every morning, I drive next to the mail boxes standing on the roadside, and do hell of a lot of backing up and turning this way and that way and then back to the main road only to back up again on the next side road… well, I’m getting very good as a driver, at least as long as we are talking about handling a car in tight places but with no traffic to speak of since I do those routes between midnight and sunrise. I used to do routes which were mostly high apartment buildings but my knees can’t quite handle all the stairs anymore, and I was lucky enough to get these car routes, but it seems I’m going to need some adjusting here.

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