11 Feb

So I was reading Tao Te Ching and came across this:

verse 75

When taxes are too high,
people go hungry.
When the government is too intrusive,
people lose their spirit.

Act for the people’s benefit.
Trust them; leave them alone.


Talk about eternal truths. 🙂


9 Feb

I could use some. SAD time. Usually seems to hit me hardest just when it finally starts to get a bit lighter. I haven’t managed to do anything during the last month. If you don’t count backing in ditch once (needed a tow truck to get out), and a week later into a mailbox (totaled it – the company car only got a small scratch) on the paper route. Bad weather contributed, both times, in the first case a nice, untouched snow cover on a narrow road I had to back into, indistinguishable from the snow bank in the ditch, and no way to tell where the road stopped and the ditch began, and I guessed wrong. And the second time, sheer ice on that road, I braked and the damn car keeps sliding for nearly couple of meters longer in spite of the fact that the speed was about what would be a very slow jog for a human at that point.


Sometimes I really hate driving in winter.


Also the anti-inflammatory pain meds I’ve been eating for a couple of weeks (an effort to deal with the inflamed Achilles tendon I have had problems with for several months) may have had an effect, one of the possible side effects seems to be ‘may cause drowsiness’, so perhaps my reaction speed and attention have been somewhat impaired lately. Embarrassing, anyway.


So, let’s just say I haven’t managed anything productive.


I should be back in a week or two. I hope.

Holiday painting

25 Dec

As in: more time to do this right now since I don’t have to work today, not as a holiday subject.





This took me a couple of hours, and was inspired by a photo on a news story about a storm which hit England just before Christmas. Since I’m into fantasy the human figure acquired a cloak (plus I botched the legs and was too lazy to fix it – ah, a billowing cloak will hide that).

This is also my first attempt ever to paint a stormy sea. Water can be difficult. Not too bad. Hey, maybe I can have a career painting these and selling them on the market (I’m too lazy to try the other traditional, which would have been door to door, although through internet is of course always an option nowadays).  😉

Merry Christmas

23 Dec

With a Christmas tree. And again the problem with using that not very good scanner I have, this looks good enough as a small picture, and the original painting looks fairly decent, but if you enlarge this scanner image, well, some of the brush strokes can be seen in much sharper contrast than they seem to naked eye when you look at the actual painting, and the colors have changed a bit too, looking more murky in that image than they seem like in life.

EPSON scanner image







Even though I am not a Christian I prefer ‘Merry Christmas’ to happy holidays or whatever. I am not a Christian because I believe in some things which are not part of the Christian doctrine, any version. For example reincarnation. And then there are some things which are part of most Christian doctrines which I don’t believe in (with the caveat that whatever I believe I acknowledge the fact that my beliefs are no guarantee of anything). In my early twenties I called myself Wiccan, now I guess just neopagan is more fitting. But while I can’t quite go with any of the Christian doctrines, not fully, I still respect Christianity, and I do have mostly Christian values since those are what I was brought up with. And the western civilization has mostly been build on those same Christian values. And I do think those of us who have been born here as the descendants of the people who build this civilization – or all variations of it – should honor them, and also Christianity, no matter what our personal beliefs happen to be. This is ours. It’s good to be polite towards those who live elsewhere, or have come here later and may have different values, but not to the point of forsaking what is our own. So western civilization is not perfect. So what? There is no such thing as perfect, not in this world, and what we have inherited is pretty damn good – we should be proud of it even when we do acknowledge the warts or blemishes we see. Remember that old saying about not throwing the baby out with the bathwater…


So, Merry Christmas, from a witch. 🙂


16 Dec

Well, here is the end result. Stone coming alive. Not my best work. I think I have to redo this. 😉

Although perhaps I will first try something a bit more colorful, I have been doing these night scenes a lot. Maybe something seasonally appropriate. Like a Christmas tree. Or just an angel. I think the wings of this one aren’t half bad.

Oh well. Practice. Then practice some more.


EPSON scanner image

A few days

10 Dec

I’m painting an angel. This might take a few more days, I’m trying to do something I haven’t tried before. It started as a cemetery angel, but looked a bit too ‘live’ for a statue, so I got the idea of going for a transformation: a cemetery statue in the process of turning into a real angel (well, ‘real’ as in the modern idea of angels as humans with bird wings, and mostly as pretty women with swan wings, while the biblical descriptions tend to be more varied). Or maybe an angel who had pretended to be a cemetery statue revealing herself.

So let’s see how well I’ll manage. If it works out I can probably post it in a few days.

another vampire

6 Dec

This is one of the paintings I didn’t like. I painted a bit more and it’s better now, although I’m not going to be using it for anything. Maybe I’ll see if I can sell it in one of the local net auctions. If not it will probably end in trash sooner or later. I don’t have the space to keep my practice works, most of them anyway, I keep a few of the better ones around and try to get rid of the others in some way, but if nobody wants them, yep, trash.

I did the mausoleum freehand and it’s a bit wonky, the head of the vampire woman is a bit too large and so on. Lots of small stuff rather than one big problem.

The colors aren’t quite that bright in the actual painting.

EPSON scanner image